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I really appreciate constructive criticism! :meow:


My deviantART story is pretty boring, and not very inspiring at all.

July 21st, 2008
I don't even remember why I joined, but I think it was because I didn't like not having a place to put the pictures I drew, and Photobucket wasn't cutting it for me. I avidly scoured the internet for an art site, and found deviantART through some forum thing. I don't remember doing anything at all after joining, actually.

I uploaded everything I considered a finished picture (and then some). Nothing felt very momentous, and I figured I'd lose interest in it shortly after that time. :XD:
Kai Reading by StickFreeksKiki's SpeedPaint by StickFreeks Louie's SpeedPaint by StickFreeks

This was the time I uploaded the Fairy Fox picture and a bunch of people from YouTube came over to deviantART. ^-^
I became really involved at my school and with friends, most of my drawings were related to friends / school projects. I also started doing more comic stuff. One of the coolest things that ever happened to me on dA happened in this year, though. Tomatecannibal messaged me about one of my older comics, and I replied per usual, and then they drew me this amazing fan art just out of the blue. I'd never met them before that time, and they just drew me something. It still makes me happy... :D
Tina's Sky Page ? by StickFreeks Elemental Phoenixes by StickFreeksChildhood Game by StickFreeksQuoll by StickFreeksFairy Foxes - Group Pic by StickFreeks
StickFreeks_Can_Fly? by tomatecannibal<(Tomatecannibal's work based on this)>Pixelated by StickFreeks

This was a great year for art!~ I became really close to my online friends, ( :iconmephikal::iconestivalequinox::iconmcculfja: ), and my art improved a lot! Flight & Freedom as well as light vs dark themes were prevalent.
I also opened up for plushie commissions! :D
The Flightless Shall Fly by StickFreeksWolf - Request by StickFreeksTomorrow's Flight Lesson by StickFreeksZoey at Moonlight Pool by StickFreeksNot So Helpless by StickFreeks
Japanese Garden by StickFreeksPositive Identity by StickFreeks

This was a highly stressful year for me, and my artistic abilities were forced into some weird outlets. While my art came out kind of stressedly awkward 90% off the time, the plushies came out okay. In spite of the awkward phase, I did manage to make my animal hybrid series for AP Studio art, though! I started "Extra!" this year, as well. Started to play with lighting some. By the end of 2012 though, I stopped coming on dA as much. I stopped replying to my messages because of stress, and I felt bad about that, which led to even more stress. ^-^'

The only non-stressful thing was Jon~ :iconmcculfja: (We starting dating in this year!~ :heart: ) However, he lived semi-far away and could only visit every or every other month or so.
Octopuss by StickFreeksPokemon Group Picture by StickFreeksFondu Art! by StickFreeksPrincess Celestia Plushie by StickFreeksExtra! (Page 1) by StickFreeksSome Even Say by StickFreeks

Stresses of everything else kind of culminated here in a tight not. I didn't interact with much of anything at all, and always had way too much to do and no time or sleep to do it in. (Regretfully) skipped meals to finish stuff, avoided doing stuff with friends in real life, and was in a bit of an awkward time in general. I gained lots of knowledge about lighting and colors during this time, but didn't really care to use it properly. It's very mixed up. College started here, which only seemed to make matters worse and zapped a lot of creativity out of me. I didn't even upload my college work here. I was so constricted from drawing all the stuff I liked to draw, I ended up creatively "exploding" on occasion. I drew the glass scaled dragon. It's psychedelically shiny. I drew a whole picture in blue pen because there was a blue pen.
I Think I'll Be Alright by StickFreeksCooperate Library by StickFreeksHuebert the Trashcart by StickFreeksThatchle - Contest Prize! by StickFreeksLife Right Now by StickFreeksThe Glass-Scaled Dragon by StickFreeksReturn Home by StickFreeks

I slowly escaped college, realizing it was going to hurt me more than help me in the end (mostly financially, but also in other ways) and did get a "day job". A wonderful family is helping me out , and my own family and Jon are extremely supportive!~ :heart: I'm slowly starting to make my way back into the normal social community, but I still have messages from 2012 in my inbox. @_@
I think my art is finally starting to see some direction, and it's not just a bunch of messed up colors, lighting or explosions that happened due to some stressful event. :XD:
Breaker of the Code - Page 1 by StickFreeksLabyrinth of Lies by StickFreeksFlames on the Blue by StickFreeksSure is Cold... by StickFreeksFlying Against the Odds by StickFreeks

Thanks to a lot of members here, especially people who comment and watch my stuff (I know who you are, and I stalk all your pages by the way), I was able to cope with a lot of stress I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. :heart: I apologize sincerely for not being more vocal with my thanks to individuals and will try to be more responsive to those who have helped me through it all. :meow:

If you read this far, I'm sorry for the long and slightly generic tale of woe, art, happiness, and deviantArt.
Here are some mostly unrelated to me photos that have somewhat inspired me to stay here on deviantArt for as long as I have. :XD:
TOASTER OF DOOOOOOOM by subiechanLIMBS?! by EstivalEquinoxBeing a stupid photographer : what is it ? :D by phalalcrocorax

Thanks for sticking with me, guys! ^-^

~ Christy / StickFreeks


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi! I'm Christy, and I'm an adventuring artist! My main passion is creating stories that obliterate the hypothetical box I'm supposed to be thinking outside of. I animate short cartoons, craft graphic novels, and create fine art in order to further my journey towards my ultimate goal of making your day a little different.

:bulletyellow: Please donate to fund Fairy Foxes & Breaker of The Code! All donations help me work on the project by feeding me!
Donate to Fairy Foxes here via PayPal!

:bulletblue: I have reasonably priced plushie commissions! E-mail or note me for details!~

:bulletpurple: You have no idea how much I appreciate comments and feedback! :meow:

Flying out,
Christy / StickFreeks

My birthday badge

[ ] Publish a book.
[ ] Open an animation studio in Michigan.
[ ] Work on art for an official video game.
[X] Figure out how to eat a Kiwano melon without the help of the internet. Conquered 3-29-14
[ ] Make a full-length movie.
[ ] Play violin on the street.
[ ] Assist in some way the creation of at least one episode of an official cartoon series.

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